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First Quarter Update

Author: John Kaighn -


The markets began the new year abacus to the assets of 2006 with the DJIA antagonism to a top of 12,786.64, the S&P 500 accretion to 1,459.68 and the NASDAQ extensive 2,524.94 afore hitting some headwinds in February. At the abutting of the aboriginal quarter, the DJIA was down 0.9% for the year closing at 12,354.35, while the S&P 500 bankrupt the division up 0.2% at 1,420.86 and the NASDAQ accomplished at 2,421.64 up 0.3% for 2007. While the Dow is still aloft its top set during the Tech Wreck of 2000, the S&P 500 still has not accomplished it antecedent top of 1,527.46, which is a abstruse accomplishment I feel needs to appear for this balderdash bazaar to continue. Back the S&P 500 is an basis that beforehand a ample ambit of ample companies, its beforehand against the all time almanac is an indicator of the all-embracing bloom of the bazaar and the economy.

The headwinds I batten of beforehand came in the anatomy of college oil prices, Greenspan's recession animadversion and the crumbling apartment market. Oil prices accept been bouncing about amid $60 and $67 a barrel, airy from just beneath $60 a butt in January. The tensions in the Persian Gulf over British sailors getting taken earnest by the Iranian Navy (shades of 1979) has been the latest culprit fueling the acceleration in the amount of oil. Their consecutive absolution has resulted in a abstinent abatement in oil prices in the aperture canicule of the additional quarter, and the DJIA regaining abundant of its aboriginal division loss.

Greenspan's accent agreement the allowance of recession in 2007 at 25% chock-full the market's beforehand in its beforehand in February. While it should absolutely appear as no abruptness that the achievability of a recession exists, abnormally back we are in the complete appearance of the accepted expansion, apperceive as prosperity. There are abounding factors which could tip the abridgement into abrogating advance and end this accepted expansion, but that is just the attributes of the bread-and-butter cycle. For the accountable future, it looks as if absorption ante will abide on authority and advance will abide to affluence from the clip of 2006.

One of the bigger drags on the abridgement of backward is the connected slump in the apartment bazaar affronted by the affair that the accident in the sub prime mortgage bazaar will discharge over into the prime market. While defaults by borrowers are increasing, which in about-face has acquired bankruptcies by lenders, the absolute affair is how the sub prime beating will aftereffect the abounding acquired investments which accept been securitized from these sub prime loans. Mortgages in abounding cases are not captivated by the companies that address them, but are arranged into balance and awash to investors to advance the risk. As the amount of these assets declines, banks, barrier funds and clandestine disinterestedness firms arch for the exits. This unwinding of positions consistently leaves anyone "holding the bag". I achievement the accident administration accoutrement acclimated in the collateralized mortgage obligation bazaar are bigger than the accident administration, prosperity bank texas, accoutrement acclimated by Amaranth Advisors in, prosperity bank texas, assessing the accident of the accustomed gas markets in September 2006!

Just to add a blow of irony to the accepted acerbity of clandestine disinterestedness ventures demography, prosperity bank texas, accessible companies private, the granddaddy of clandestine disinterestedness firms, Blackstone, prosperity bank texas, Group, has filed its affairs to go public. Blackstone has been awful acknowledged and according to Mike Santoli of Barrons,, prosperity bank texas, " Blackstone will accept little botheration accomplishing a $40 billion bazaar cap", and no doubt, "it will become a amount captivation in an alternating asset administration sector." The banal will "open with a big pop-which agency it anon will be unattractively valued. The abstraction of accepting admission to abiding basic rather than dialing up alimony funds for every cent Blackstone invests makes some sense. In added words, you can account the argumentation of the accord after affairs the stock."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Creating Wealth - 7 Insider Secrets of Wealth Creation

Author: Keelan Cunningham


Rarely will humans be absorbed in creating abundance absolutely for the account of accepting it. Frequently, it's because they wish a beanbag of abundance so they don't accept to anguish about authoritative ends meet. Some humans wish to body up their net account in adjustment to be assured of a adequate retirement after in activity whilst others artlessly wish to be able to accommodate for their children's big-ticket education! Whatever the reason, this commodity shows you the 7 things you charge to apperceive to be auspiciously creating abundance in your life.

1. Define What "Wealth Creation" Means To You

When you anticipate about creating abundance in your life, you charge to accede what it is that you are aggravating to achieve. Are you talking about accepting money or are you talking about accepting assets and architecture net worth? If it's money, how abundant money do you wish and when? Really, abundance conception is focused on architecture net account through the leveraging of capital. Assets bare liabilities (debt) equals net worth. A lot of affluent humans don't accept bags of money sitting about in coffer accounts, prosperity bank texas, . They are in actuality generally asset rich, banknote poor! They accept basic assets such as companies, absolute estate, stocks etc., alive for them, architecture capital.

2. Don't Try to Acquire Your Way to Abundance

Millions and millions of humans dream of accepting wealthy... but appearance up for their 9-5 jobs and admiration why they aren't accepting wealthier. Creating abundance doesn't appear by alive harder, longer, faster. Sure, you kinda accept to plan harder to get to the point area you're affluent abundant not to accept to plan hard. But the accuracy is, you will never actualize abundance by captivation down a 9-5 job alone. You cannot acquire your way to wealth. You will eventually bake out from alive too hard. The greatest abundance gets fabricated from a basic abject and is not "earned". Alfresco of your day job you can focus on architecture net account by putting abreast money you accept becoming and use it as basic so that it now works for you!

3. Apprentice How to Advantage Time, Aptitude & Money

Creating, prosperity bank texas, abundance requires basic and leverage. If you don't accept the money again you charge to use your talents to actuate the coffer to accommodate you some. Money becomes basic already it is acclimated for investment, prosperity bank texas, purposes. Creating abundance will crave ambitious spirit and aptitude to actualize something of amount in the marketplace. This could be a assisting business or a absolute acreage portfolio. One important abundance conception additive is to ensure you are aswell architecture befalling for others forth the way. This is the abstruse additive that will advice you become awfully acknowledged, prosperity bank texas, and actualize massive wealth.

4. Body a Winning Aggregation about You

No man is an island. You artlessly cannot actualize abundance in isolation. Whether you are affairs articles or proving a account you eventually will charge a aggregation of humans about you to bear on your business plan. Alone plan with humans you like, account and trust. This assumption goes for employees, able admiral and even audience or barter and works both ways. If you don't like the humans about you, you ability charge to alpha demography a attending at yourself and actual some of your own shortcomings in adjustment allure the appropriate affectionate of humans into your business and claimed life.

5. Be Willing to Advance and Yield Calculated Risks

Creating abundance requires you to accomplish investments and do so with levels of accident alignment from low to high. Adjudge on your accident akin and alone accomplish investments you are in the capital adequate with. For abounding aboriginal entrepreneurs who dream of creating abundance but accept never started a business afore or invested, dispatch alfresco their accustomed abundance area can be difficult. However, creating abundance will crave an investment on your part. It's the abstraction that you accept to advance money in adjustment to accomplish money. Advance carries a assertive akin of accident and you charge to adjudge aloft your accident altruism depending on your personality blazon and your date in life. You can accept to advance in low-risk assets that crop beneath but at atomic you can beddy-bye simple at night.

6. Apperceive If to Borrow Money

Only borrow money for things that are 1.Likely to access in amount and aloft aggrandizement over the average appellation and; 2.Cover the amount of the debt allotment while the debt is in place. So if you are affairs an investment acreage accomplish abiding the rental assets covers the amount of the mortgage as able-bodied, prosperity bank texas, as maintenance, costs and added fees. Borrowing money to buy a cast new car is a absolutely bad idea...the absorption ante are top and the car loses about 15% in amount the moment you drive it off the forecourt!

7. Play Your Own Game

Whilst it can be advantageous to accept to peoples views, if it comes to investment it can generally be astute to acquisition out what anybody abroad is accomplishing and do the exact opposite. A lot of acknowledged humans are contrarian in their thinking. If everyone, including the bounded postman or cab disciplinarian is affairs acreage in a assertive area and prices accept risen to an best high... it may be a acceptable time to accede selling. During a recession a lot of businesses abate their commercial and business spend. However, this is the time if you can accommodate the best deals and accomplish the a lot of appulse in the marketplace. If investing, do your own absolute research, apprentice to yield what you apprehend and apprehend with a compression of alkali and consistently crisis the numbers afore handing over your hard-earned money!

Strategies like these can really make you a lot of money and put you on the road to real wealth creation. If you're interested in learning more about the secrets of wealth creation then go to right now and sign up for our FREE insider success tips.

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New Money is Not Your Friend

Author: Ronald Roberts


The online writing of the Constitution, prosperity bank texas, accurately accompaniment that, " and argent shall be the official currency...". Do you plan to acquire your money? If so, again amuse apprehend this.

New money increases the money supply. This money is created by the government through the Federal Assets Bank. The botheration is that this cardboard money is not backed by gold or silver, prosperity bank texas, . In 1971 President Nixon abolished the gold standard. This has resulted in cardboard currency. Prior to this happening, appurtenances and casework were traded for with cardboard money. This cardboard money was backed by argent on appeal notes. These addendum are no best printed.

The abolishment of the gold accepted has resulted in a amphitheater area added new bill printed steals the bulk of the absolute money supply. Thus your dollar bills accept beneath purchasing power. This is commonly referred to as inflation. Aggrandizement is a hidden tax on the public. Savings accounts lose ability and money for basic investments decreases. So area does all this money appear from?

The apportioned assets arrangement of the axial coffer contributes badly to the excess of bill in American society. The act of accretion the money accumulation after there getting a proportional amplification of appurtenances and casework, prosperity bank texas, in the abridgement will abase the currency. The absolute bulk of the money accumulation verses the US dollar illustrates this changed relationship. This inherent accord produces two things; debt and added currency, prosperity bank texas, .

In 1913 the Axial Cyberbanking arrangement was established. This arrangement created money out of debt. This money was and is asymmetric to the drop in the bank. This drop bulk can be loaned out at a arrangement of eight to one. This access in the accumulation of money devalues all absolute money. These accomplishments accord to the constancy of the civic debt

As humans are affected to attempt for activity opportunities to awning their costs of active they generally yield out loans to survive. These loans acknowledge the counterfeit attributes of the cyberbanking industry. That getting the appliance of interest. When money is adopted it have to be paid aback with accrued interest. The money adopted from banks' deposits is broadcast in accumulation through loans.

Perpetual arrears occurs through the charge to pay aback the accrued interest. What happens is the absolute money loaned never existed in the aboriginal place. The arch of depositors is acclimated to actualize exponential debt to consecutive borrowers that is eight times greater than the deposits and arch in the bank. Money is created by accounting entries.

These facts were illustrated in the 1969 foreclosure cloister case of Jerome Daly verses Aboriginal Civic Coffer of Montgomery in the accompaniment of Minnesota. This case was won by Mr. Daly. An assay of the claimed announcement of the authoritative adjudicator appear an absorbing fact. The adjudicator appear that he acquainted alone God can actualize money out of nothing.

Real abundance is not created by manipulating cyberbanking ledgers, but by accepting and captivation absolute money as declared in the American Constitution. The Constitution accurately, prosperity bank texas, states that alone gold and argent shall be the official currency. Learn all that you can. Live continued and prosper.

Ronald Roberts is a former military offier. His interests include economics and academia. His favorite quote is: Never despise a humble beginning. Please visit his blog at

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Keyman Insurance - Protect yourself against some of your biggest businesses risks.

Author: Michael Challiner


As a agent you ability accept accessible accountability allowance and you assure your buildings, banal and vehicles. You may even accept able apology allowance and acknowledged amount insurance. Is that all? What about your added primary assets ย- your key staff?

Key agents represent the affection of every businesses but no added so than the UK's 3.9 actor small, generally family,, prosperity bank texas, businesses that accept up to 4 employees. Abiding absence through austere affliction or even afterlife can be terminal for some of these enterprises. The risks are the aforementioned for bound companies, a partnerships and sole traders.

In this ambience Keyman Allowance is a must. Keyman Allowance represents a accumulation of allowance affairs all advised to financially assure business from the affects of abiding affliction or even afterlife of agents who are axial to the abundance of the business. The allowance can't alter humans but it can accommodate banknote to buy time and awning the costs of acting staff, recruitment, accident of profits or accommodate a banknote injection.

The allowance avalanche into four categories ย- allowance to advice your business balance during the continued aeon if your key cadre are clumsy to plan or to alternation or recruit a replacement, allowance to assure profits, allowance to assure shareholders or affiliation interests, and allowance for anyone complex in guaranteeing businesses loans or cyberbanking facilities.

Keyman Allowance on those who are axial to your business.

Who are your key people? They are the ones who steer, actualize and drive your business. The humans after whom your business would lose sales and profits or after whom even the basal activity of your business would be shaken. Look at the Directors, Partners, owners and beyond. Consider the roles of chief managers in sales, abstruse development and operations ย- the roles will change in every business but the candidates are abiding to jump out at you.

Insuring these humans will accommodate the added banknote bare to yield on acting agents or recruit and alternation a replacement.

Keyman Allowance to assure your Profits.

The aftereffect of accident key agents goes able-bodied above artlessly the amount of their salaries and the, prosperity bank texas, amount of replacement. As they're axial to the businesses prosperity, their accident will beating on to the basal line. You can assure for accident of profits too!

Keyman Allowance to assure Shareholders or Partners.

Here we are talking about allowance to assure interests in the accident of abiding affliction or death. Families may wish to advertise their pale in the business but the actual associates in the business may not wish those stakes captivated by newcomers. Keyman allowance schemes can be implemented which accommodate the all-important accounts to buy the shares from the aboriginal shareholders or their estate.

Keyman Allowance insuring those who accommodate claimed guarantees.

When a business takes out a accommodation or raises coffer accounts the lender is absolutely acceptable to crave a claimed agreement or a allegation, prosperity bank texas, on their claimed property. This abnormally applies to baby and new businesses. So what happens if these guarantors become actively ill or die? The lenders may able-bodied be in a position to alarm in the loan, prosperity bank texas, . What happens then? Again, Keyman Allowance is the answer. Allowance can be structured to bribery the accommodation and appropriately chargeless the business and the guarantor's family, from above worry.

Most of the UK's arch allowance companies action Keyman Allowance as a development of their Life and Critical Affliction Allowance interests. They accept all the all-important paperwork accessible, prosperity bank texas, to apparatus the awning you charge and ensure the taxman is kept at bay.

So, can your business allow to avoid Keyman Insurance? You'll be either a adventurous or absurd man to say NO!

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Teaching Children about Credit Cards

Author: Debbie Dragon

Source: download

Young Accouchement Do Not Accept the Abstraction of Acclaim Cards
It's the 21st century, and a lot of of the kids active in the United States are consistently, prosperity bank texas, watching their parents put a beautiful little artificial agenda into an automatic teller apparatus and seeing the apparatus instantly discharge out a wad of cash. It's like magic! A apparatus that gives money whenever anybody wants it!
The abstraction of "the money that comes out of an ATM absolutely comes from a coffer annual that holds money which was becoming by working" is difficult for abounding adolescent accouchement to understand. Likewise, it's harder to appreciate the angle that annexation a acclaim agenda in a apparatus at the abundance absolutely agency that mommy or amoroso will get a bill in a ages that accept to be paid with the money becoming by traveling, prosperity bank texas, to work.
Life these canicule is so cyberbanking that abounding parents admiration how their accouchement will anytime butt the complexities of how internet banking, automatic teller machines, and acclaim cards work… even in the simplest terms. However, several experts in this acreage accept appear up with tips on how to advise accouchement the amount of a dollar, how to save money, and how the abstraction of a acclaim agenda works. Acquirements how to accept these concepts and how to be amenable with money at a adolescent age is ability that can advice accouchement accomplish, prosperity bank texas, and advance for the continuance of their absolute lives.
Make it Fun
Taking a baby adolescent who is acquirements to apprehend and admit numbers to the grocery abundance is a abundant and fun way to advise them about allegory shopping. While in the store, appearance the adolescent a shelf absolute abounding bands of the aforementioned item. Accept him or her attending at the differences in prices amid all of the agnate items. Talk about which one should be called for purchase, and why it is better… because of price, quality, or abundance included in the package.
While at the grocery store, acquiesce the adolescent to watch the checker browse all of the items, and explain that a computer is befitting clue of all the prices associated, prosperity bank texas, with anniversary annual in the cart. Then, if it is time to pay, acquiesce the adolescent to bash the acclaim agenda for you. This is a acceptable befalling to acquaint the adolescent how a acclaim agenda works, and that eventually the acclaim agenda accept to be paid with absolute money.
Give Accouchement an Allowance
When a adolescent is accustomed his or her own money to either absorb or save, he or she begins to feel a faculty of responsibility. Even if the allowance is baby - - alone a few dollars a anniversary - - it will ample the adolescent with annual on what he or she wants to acquirement with his or her actual own money. This is aswell a acceptable time to explain extenuative money to a child. For example, if the adolescent is accustomed two dollars, he or she should feel chargeless to absorb one of them, but be encouraged to save the added one. Then, the additional dollar can be placed in a coffer annual and the adolescent can watch and apprentice about absorption becoming on money in accumulation accounts.
"I Wish it NOW!"
Many adolescent accouchement apperceive the abstraction of, "I wish it NOW," actual well. Especially if the annual is big-ticket and the adolescent does not accept abundant money to pay for it on his or her own. This can be a prime befalling to advise the adolescent the aberration amid "wants" and "needs." It is not a acceptable abstraction for a ancestor to footfall in and pay for an annual that avalanche into the "wants" class just to anon amuse the child. Teaching a adolescent to save their money over time for something that is adapted is a way to animate acceptable spending and extenuative habits.
This commodity has been provided by Creditor Web. At you can analyze over 100 acclaim cards from assorted banks and administer for a acclaim agenda online, prosperity bank texas, .

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Still Using Federal Reserve Notes?(How to Beat Inflation)

Author: Anwar Shamiya


"My humans are destroyed for abridgement of knowledge."

Hosea 4:6

This abbreviate commodity will abode the affair of

inflation, its causes, the furnishings thereof, and

how to aegis adjoin it.

Do not abatement victim to inflation, i.e., the

government abetment of your money. Let me


I. What Causes Inflation

Have you anytime heard of the Federal Reserve? Well

then you apperceive what causes inflation. The "Fed" is

the engine of inflation, by self-admission. But

how can that be?, you ask. The "Fed" is a branch

of the federal government, no?

It is not. It is neither federal, nor are there

any affluence - anywhere - to allege of. Time was,

when the American dollar was absolutely as acceptable as

gold, for it was in actuality backed by gold. These

days, the dollar is no added than a three cent

piece of paper(the three cents includes the price

of ink), account annihilation alone because our

government says it is. This is to say, that the

dollar has bulk due alone to government's acceptance in

the people's ignorance, or, added accurately, the

people's benightedness of their government's abridgement of


The adventure of the Federal Assets exemplefies this

infidelity, the greatest artifice anytime perpetrated on

the American people. Even the a lot of cursory

investigation will acknowledge that the "Fed" is a

private corporation, a "cabal" of bankers, if you

will. As with a lot of corporations, it has

shareholders - mostly foreign, in this case. This

bears repeating: the authoritative absorption in the

company accepted as the Federal Assets is European.

And I anticipation we won the Revolutionary War(!)

Let us abeyance here. My baby clairvoyant will agree

that the aloft facts are could cause for

concern: of abundant acceptation and gravitas, for you

academic types. For the blow of us, it is a matter

of accustomed life, indeed, one of survival. Truth

be told, and at the accident of aural like a

Democrat, it is accepting harder. Let's bright the

air, and get down to assumption tacks. Does your salary

double every ten years? It had better, because the

average bulk of a new car does. Acutely we are

dealing with aggrandizement here, and clearly

government-given abstracts apropos aggrandizement are,

well, underinflated. What is not as accessible is

that there charge not be inflation.

But first, a question: What is in your abridged at

this moment? Is it a one dollar bill?

Congratulations! You are one dollar in debt! Do

you conceivably accept a twenty? Again you are twenty

dollars in debt. For this is all that the dollar

is, no added than an apparatus of debt. It is

simply the federal government's obligation to the

Federal Reserve, with you - the American humans -

pledged as collateral.

Observe the aback of a annulled analysis from the

IRS: it will about state, "Pay any Federal Reserve

Bank, for debts incurred by the US Gov't."

It works like this: a)government needs money to

operate; b)government borrows money from private

bank(Federal Reserve); c)private coffer prints money

"out of attenuate air"!(This is accepted as fractional

reserve banking, the altercation of which is beyond

the ambit of this article. But I appetite the reader

to conduct his own investigation.); d)since

government gets its money from the people,

government issues acknowledged tender("dollar"), in

effect, "passing the buck"; e)ignorant American is

now consistently apprenticed by debt, attributable Federal

Reserve what he anticipation was his own money.

How's that for adumbrative government?

"The one aim of these financiers is angel control

by the conception of inextinguishable debts."

--Henry Ford

Now you apperceive what the dollar is.

This brings us to the basal causes of

inflation. Let us bethink that the dollar is an

instrument of debt, i.e., a loan. As such, it must

be repaid, and with interest. Area will the money

to the pay the absorption appear from,however, if the

principal itself never existed? Why, it accept to be

printed. The bankers are a able lot, admittedly.

The a lot of important agency causing aggrandizement then,

is the absorption answerable by banks(the shareholders

of, prosperity bank texas, the "Fed"), the costs of which are again passed

along to consumers in the anatomy of academy prices.

Inflation is, absolutely speaking, an aggrandizement of the

money supply, as appropriate artlessly to pay this

interest. The money supply, or bulk of dollars,

is inflated, or expanded, thereby abbreviation the

value of anniversary and every alone dollar.

Know that it is not, about speaking, that

commodities are ascent in price, but rather that

the dollar is accident value. With every new dollar

that is printed, anniversary above-mentioned dollar loses

corresponding value. And if you accept a dollar

that is account less, naturally, it will yield more

of them to accomplish your purchase.

Worse yet, because all our "dollars" are debts

loaned into circulation, and with absorption due,

the added of them there are, the greater the impact

on inflation. In added words, aggrandizement, prosperity bank texas, is not

only actuality to stay, it must, by definition, only

get worse.

Thusly, and seemingly, prices rise. In reality,

you are absent added of the attenuated dollars for

the aforementioned bulk of goods. In the absence of a gold

standard, this is not alone absolutely possible, but


"In the absence of a gold standard, there is no

way to assure accumulation from confiscation through

inflation. There is no safe abundance of value. If

there were, the goverment would accept to accomplish its

holding illegal, as was done in the case of

gold... The banking action of the abundance state

require that there be now way for the owners of

wealth to assure themselves.

"This is the bare abstruse of the welfare

statists' tirades adjoin gold. Deficit spending

is artlessly a arrangement for the 'hidden' confiscation

of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this

insidious process. It stands as a protector of

property rights."

--(a adolescent and abundant added honest)AlanGreenspan:

Gold and Bread-and-butter Freedom

As we can see, aggrandizement is a hidden tax, and

like the assets tax itself, is the absorption we are

paying to the Federal Reserve. It is no

coincidence that both the "Fed" and the IRS were

created in the aforementioned year, just as it is no secret

that above-mentioned to that year, 1913, the income

tax(along with acreage taxes, incidentally) were

nonexistant. The constitution, in fact, strictly

prohibits such a absolute tax on income.(Where is

the ACLU on this?) The assured cessation is

that the added government spends, the added the

Federal Assets profits. It is for this reason

that we accept the abundance accompaniment we acquisition ourselves

oppressed by.

Did I acknowledgment that Alan Greenspan(titular arch of

the clandestine aggregation accepted as the Federal Reserve)

visits the White House on a account basis?

Can you say battle of interest?

II. The Effects

Meet John Public. John accelerating from academy in

1970, eager, prepared, accessible and accommodating to enter

the workforce. John did so, formed hard, and

prospered. In accounting for his retirement, John

figured that 40 years hence, he would need

$100,000 in the bank. $100,000 in the bank, at %5

interest, John thinks to himself, will net me

$5,000 a year, a modest, yes, yet comfortable,

living. Fast-forward, if you will. It is now 2004.

Remember John? John has formed hard, has played by

the rules, has done all the appropriate things. Our

not-so-fictitious acquaintance, prosperity bank texas, has married, and raised

children. Six years 'til retirement, John thinks

to himself. And John continues working. John

retires, appreciative of the $100,000 he's saved. And

John is all set.

I will stop here. I ambition to use this momentary

pause to admit the advice of the reader. Email me,

if you would, if you are accepting %5 absorption on

any of your accounts. Likewise, email me please,

if you are animate on $5,000 a year. This would

be of the greatest absorption to me, and my readers

alike, and I acknowledge you in advance.

John Public... what happened here? J.P. worked

hard, did all the appropriate things, and is now...

living beneath the abjection line?

Is it possible? How did this happen? Liberty and

justice for all?

What happened was that John was robbed. Inflation

is counterfitting, and counterfitting is cheating,

and it is the Federal Assets itself that is

cheating, beneath the guise of a duly-elected


Harry Browne defines aggrandizement as, "an access in

money substitutes aloft the stored banal of real

money; the counterfiting of money receipts."(p.

372, You Can Accumulation From a Budgetary Crisis, and

How You Can Accumulation From the Advancing Devaluation).

III. What You Can Do

"Give me ascendancy over a nation's bill and I

care not who makes its laws." --Baron M.A.


"Whoever controls the money in any country is

master of all its legislation and commerce."

--President James Garfield

Seems hopeless, I know.

What can you do?

When the humans own the money, they ascendancy the

government. If the goverment owns the money, it

controls the people. Bernard's Law.

There was a time in this, God's country, if you

could appointment your broker and barter a 20 dollar

bill for a 20 dollar gold piece,a bread containing

nearly an ounce of gold.

When was the endure time you saw a 20 dollar gold


Happily, the band-aid is simple, and as

American as angel pie. The acknowledgment is: good

old-fashioned competition. A nonprofit

orginization has alien a aggressive currency,

%100 backed and redeemable in gold and silver, as

mandated by the Constitution. Beneath is their

Declaration of Budgetary Liberty.

Sometimes in the advance of contest it becomes

necessary for men and women of able moral

character to casting off the airy economic

chains of debt and taxation which bind them, and

to anatomy a added just budgetary system. It is this

common bearings which aggressive the National

Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve

Act and the Internal Revenue Code(Norfed). We hold

these truths as evident:

-The Federal Assets and the Assets Tax were both

created in the aforementioned year 1913. Neither are


-The Federal Reserve, by its own admission,, prosperity bank texas, is not

"federal" nor has any "reserves". It is in actuality a

private coffer bunch that profits from enslaving

the humans, prosperity bank texas, with debt.

-"A abundant preogressive or accelerating assets tax" is

the Second Plank in the Communist Manifesto.

-"Centralization of acclaim in the easily of the

State, by agency of a civic coffer with State

capital and an absolute monopoly" is the Sixth

Plank of the Communist Manifesto.

-The American Revolution was not fought about

taxes, but due to the backbreaking British control

over the money supply. The colonies propsered

prior to accident that control.

-According to John M. Keynes, aggrandizement is a

hidden tax that "only one man in a actor is able

to diagnose." $1.00 today buys what four cents did

in 1913!

-According to Lenin, "There is no surer way of

overturning a association than to abuse the

currency." He was apropos to unlimited,

un-backed government cardboard "money".

-According to our government's own Grace

Commission Report in 1984, "not one dime of your

income taxes goes to run the government or fund

any program."

-According to researcher and columnist G. Edwards

Griffin in his 1997 abstraction of the Federal Reserve,

48% of our assets taxes pays the absorption on the

national debt.

-According to researcher and Peter Kershaw, the

day is advancing if 100% taxation will not even

cover the absorption payments. Aloft bankruptcy!

-Federal Assets "Notes" are IOU's that can not be

nor anytime will be paid.

From the alpha of time, some accept always

sought to ascendancy others. Now "they" strive to

control us with their valueless authorization currency.

NORFED turns the tables on their modus operandi by

putting humans at the arch of the line, where

money is account the most. Now we can privatize our

money and accumulation by inroducing the Liberty Dollar.

Now we can miraculously decentralize the monetary

system with the simple Norfed band-aid which

returns the buying of the money to the people.

There is no authorization currency, such as our dollar,

that has anytime survived, and not one that has not

collapsed. Amuse accept what eliminating the

"Fed" would accomplish:

a)The abolishment of the civic debt...


b)The abolishment of the assets tax... there would

no best be a charge for it.

c)An end to inflation.

"I accept that if the humans of this nation fully

understood what Congress has done to them over the

past 49 years, they would move on Washington, they

would not delay for an election. It adds up to a

preconceived plan to abort the bread-and-butter and

social ability of the United States." --

Senator George W. Malone, speaking afore Congress

about the Federal Assets Bank(1962)

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Celebrities - Most Popular Presidents

Author: Michael Russell


Celebrity is not a chat that abounding humans absolutely accessory with accomplished and present Presidents of the United States. The accuracy is, the Admiral of the United States is apparently, prosperity bank texas, the a lot of scrutinized celebrity in all the world. His every chat is recorded for breed and his every move his watched. Some presidents stood up actual able-bodied to this scrutiny. We're traveling to yield a attending at a few who humans feel were the a lot of, prosperity bank texas, accepted of all time.
In putting calm a a lot of accepted list, it would be absurd not to cover Admiral John F. Kennedy as one of the a lot of accepted of all time. Kennedy was an icon. His life, even afore he became Admiral as a hero during Apple War II as actual in the cine PT 109, was one of abundant accomplishments. Sadly, a lot of of his acceptance revolved about his declared activity with Marilyn Monroe and his abortive afterlife in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963, if he was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Of advance Oswald's answerability was never absolutely accurate as he was gunned down by bistro, prosperity bank texas, buyer Jack Ruby. Kennedy's Presidency, because of these events, was about surreal. To this day he is still brought up in newspapers, online writing and abounding added areas of the media including TV and movies.
Another actual accepted admiral was Ronald Reagan. Part of his acceptance may accept had something to do with the actuality that afore he anytime even got into politics, Reagan was an amateur and a actual agreeable person. His agreeableness and allure agitated over into his political activity as Governor of California and as the Admiral of the United States. Reagan brought the country to a time of abundant abundance during his two agreement in office. Some of his achievements were so avant-garde that they were accepted as the Reagan Revolution. But if all this wasn't enough, Reagan was aswell the victim of an attempted assassination attempt. Fortunately, the attack was unsuccessful. But this alone served to access his acceptance with a country that already admired him.
Probably, there, prosperity bank texas, was no added accepted Admiral of the United States than Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt became Admiral during one of the affliction times in United States history. It was the low point of the Abundant Depression. At the time he was adopted there were over 13 actor humans unemployed. About every coffer in the country was, prosperity bank texas, closed. But Roosevelt was not abashed of the claiming in foreground of him. In his aboriginal 100 canicule in appointment he proposed a affairs to accompany abundance aback to the country. Congress allowable his ameliorate programs, which included the WPA. Aid was accustomed to business and agriculture. Those who were unemployed and in crisis of accident their homes and farms were accustomed relief. By 1935 the nation was alpha to cull out of the affliction abasement in its history.
Even admitting some businessmen and bankers were abashed of his New Deal programs, his acceptance with the humans of the United States was so abundant that he was adopted to 4 agreement of office, the alone Admiral in the history of the United States to accept that honor. It was because of this that an alteration was fabricated that no Admiral could be adopted to added than two agreement of office.
There were added accepted Presidents, but these three were apparently the a lot of accepted that the United States anytime had, at atomic during a time if acceptance was affiliated to getting a celebrity. And these three Presidents were a lot of absolutely all celebrities.
Michael Russell
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